Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Gabru - Transporter(इस फरेबी दुनिया में ऐसा कई बार हुआ , गुनाहगार कोई और था, गुनाहगार कोई और हुआ)

We are many colleagues in my company. But We are 3 best friends in our transport company- Yudhvir, Balraj and My self. Balraj have night shift and Yudhiv and i go office in day shift. So Balraj takes rest in day at mess. Our mess is located in a domicile area.

There is a girl in our neighborhood. Balraj like her very much. So One day we decided to get information about her. One day Balraj and Yudh followed her, She went in a computer center and she is doing MCA from that center and her name is Monika, they also went in to the center and and got inquiry about various courses as well as that girl. And they decided that we would to do MCA from that center.

And we got admission in MCA. But after same days, someone told us that she is already engaged and also decided to marry with him. This is the end of sweet dream of Balraj. After that we decided that "its nothing" and we will to do our MCA complete, in exams Monika always sat next to Balraj.

It was our 5th semester's exam. of Computer graphics. Due to some reason Monika couldn't have made preparations. So she decided to take help from slips(cheating). Balraj watching her in exam while she was cheating, he refused her, but she told him after just a minute she would through the slip. And she gave slip the to Balraj to through, suddenly an investigator came in there and he caught the Balraj with slip.
We tried to handle the situations but the investigator was not ready to listen any word and he made the case of a cheater on Balraj.