Thursday, May 12, 2011

What To Do?

Hi everyone!. I am basically from a rural area. After completion of my graduation, I had joined a transport company. Normally mostly time, I used to deal with truck drivers and labor. So my language had completely changed, I mean my language and voice became so hard that when I normally speak, people think that I am quarreling. And mostly I spent my time with my friends in my village in irregularity .

But presently I am working in IT field, but couldn't change my language. Daily I get the bus from bus-stand and go to office. A girl daily comes with me in the bus and we have same stand, and in the evening she also comes in the same time. Now I feel that I m in love with her.
But she is some egoist type and much advance and modern than me. But I can't chat with her because my language is so hard and rude and I think that if I speak then she would .......... So I m in very big problem. My communication skills are much week. How can I get her friendship without speaking any word?