Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is a third class mentality all about?

Few days back me and one of my friends where hanging out in the market discussing on the new t-shirt which he has purchased from the market some day. Basically I was trying to tease him by saying that he has been fooled by the shop keeper from where he has purchased the t-shirt. The same t-shirt which he has purchased spending 350 bucks was available in just 100 bucks at the other shop. He was getting really irritated by my comments and I was really enjoying it. While having the chat we reached a park where a couple was enjoying with each other under a tree. None of us paid attention to them but were busy in our conversation. I again repeated my comment to him about the t-shirt that these types are available in just 100 bucks. Suddenly the girl came out from the bushes and started scolding us saying that yes I am available in 100 bucks you can also take me with you and added that people like you have a Third class mentality. We couldn't say anything to the girl because she was not ready to listen anything then we switched to his boyfriend and asked him to better make her quite or get ready to face the dire consequences. Then he made her quite and the both went away making a bad face to me. Since then I am not able to understand why she considered us the people having a Third Class Mentality.