Friday, October 10, 2014

It is True Love

True Love.

There was a woman who attended Cornell University for her undergrad.While there she fell in love with a guy who was a year junior to her. This wasn't a flingy kind of an affair. It was one with deep affection towards each other.

When she graduated, she received a job offer from a top firm in Los Angeles (LA) and then decided to move on there. To their utter joy, the guy, after his graduation received a job offer from the same firm in LA. 
Sounds too good to be true right? 

Now, the guy has to go see his parents who were staying in another country who were having problems in business. He knew it would be impossible for him to come back. Without a word he leaves USA and goes back to help his father out with his business. 

The girl waits for some form of communication, but it never arrives. After a year she decides to move on and marries someone else and settles down. The guy meanwhile gets busy with his business in India taking it to newer heights.

Fast forward 40 odd years. The girl is settled in San Francisco, her kids have graduated from college and its been a year since her husband has passed away. One fine day, she receives a phone call. It was the same guy she fell deeply in love with 40 years ago! They soon decide to get back together as the guy is now retiring after a very successful business career. 

The guy now spends half his time with the lady in USA and half his time in India.

The guy in question is none other than Ratan Tata. An absolute gem of a love story. An affection that he kept strong for 40 years without any contact from the woman ! That to me is true love. How in the world, can a person keep his love for someone, so pure. He could've moved on and settled down with someone else. But no! He did not want to compromise!

This is kind of an old story but the one that print houses have run isn't a personal one. I recently heard the personal side of this story. I was absolutely blown away after hearing this. 
Source: Quara

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